Watch movies to learn a language

Learning a language can sometimes be boring; however, it does not have to be so unless you want it to. You can watch movies to make the process much more exciting. With these little guidelines below, you are sure to speed up your language learning process a whole lot more.

1/ Kind of movies

Just like watching them in your original movies, you should choose films in your target language whose genre is of your interests. This will make you pay much more attention to the film because you like it and will try to understand it.
Another way to do it is to watch movies of your language dubbed in your target language. You already know the storyline and probably remember some lines of the movie; hence, it will not take long to understand it in your target language.

2/ Subtitle

No doubt that you will need subtitle to understand the movies much better. Therefore, choose subtitle in a language you understand for your first watch to get a general idea of the movies. Then for the subsequent times, use subtitle in your target language as you are already familiar with the movies. That way, you will learn your language much faster.Bridget Jones Baby
After so many times and you think you are used to it, watch your movies with the subtitle turned off to see how much you have understood. If there are some parts you don’t understand at first try, you can work out what they are talking about based on the context.

3/ Websites

In the internet, there is a wide range of websites that offers you a wide array of films to watch. For example, my friend used this website to watch Bridget Jones baby online for free, which helped her a lot with her English. Try it to see if it turns out the same for you.

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